Benefits of CNG

Why Natural Gas?

Natural Gas offers the following advantages over conventional gasoline:

Environmentally Clean

  • Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel available today.
  • CNG vehicles produce the fewest emissions of all vehicle fuel types.
  • CNG vehicles emissions contain significantly less pollutants than gasoline.
  • Natural gas vehicles give off little or no emissions during fueling.

Maintenance Advantages

  • Intervals between tune-ups for natural gas vehicles can be extended by up to 50,000 miles
  • Intervals between oil changes can be extended by up to 20,000 miles
  • Pipes and mufflers last longer in natural gas vehicles because the CNG does not react to the metals

Performance Advantages

  • Natural gas gives the same mileage as gasoline and in some cases, mileage can be increased up to 20%.
  • CNG running engines are superior in performance to gasoline engines because CNG has an octane rating of 130.
  • Because CNG is already in a gaseous state, Natural gas vehicles (NGV) have superior starting and drivability, even under severe hot and cold weather conditions.
  • NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) experience less knocking and no vapor locking.

Cost Advantages

  • Natural gas is less expensive per equivalent gallon than gasoline. In Oklahoma, on average, natural gas is ½ the price of gasoline.

The Safety Advantage

  • The fuel storage tanks on NGV's are thicker than on gasoline or diesel vehicles.
  • NGVs are as safe or safer than those powered by other fuels. An American Gas Association (AGA) survey of more than 8,000 vehicles found that with more than 278 million miles traveled, NGV injury rates per vehicle mile traveled were 34% lower than the rate for gasoline vehicles. There were no fatalities reported--even though these vehicles were involved in over 1,800 collisions.



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