For 1-24 Liter Diesel Engines:

The EcoDiesel System® is a state of the art supplemental alternative fuel injection system designed for 4 stroke diesel engines. A precisely metered volume of a supplementary fuel such as propane or natural gas, is introduced into the post-turbo air stream of a diesel engine. Proprietary fuel mapping and algorithms in conjunction with two microprocessors continually monitor engine load and various engine sensors to provide dynamic control of the alternate fuel.

The addition of the supplemental fuel charge alters the combustion process to increase engine efficiency. The final result is substantially reduced diesel fuel consumption with lower exhaust emissions without compromising power.

The advanced sensor monitoring by the EcoDiesel System® provides a safe operating environment for the engine. Additional system features include automatic shutdown should safe parameters be exceeded.


How It Works

This is one of the most effective dual fuel systems you can find in the market today. The key component of theDiesel Dual Fuel DDF system is the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This unit controls the volume of Natural Gas by sequentially injecting it into your diesel fuel delivery system. Our DDF system transforms a normal diesel engine into an environmentally friendly high performance engine. Most engines experience an increase in torque and up to 100 horsepower & an increase in fuel mileage.

By adding CNG to the system, we reduce the diesel demand from the engine creating very interesting saving ratios with overall fuel costs savings that can range from 25 to 40%*.

The system can be retrofitted to all kind of diesel engines, turbo or not, from the small pick ups to the big trucks and buses. The main characteristic of the DDF system is that the diesel engine does not require modifications.


The entire operation is completely reversible if you wish to keep the system when you sell your vehicle.

The driver can switch between the fuels during driving by the touch of a button; giving the driver full control of the engine.


•  Improved fuel economy

•  Increased horsepower

•  Reduced Emissions

•  Can be set for maximum emission & particulate reductions at idle speeds (eg: School busses)

•  Digitally controlled programmable microprocessor

•  Monitors CNG pressure

•  Gaseous fuel specific injectors

•  Monitors exhaust gas temperature

•  Performs in any climate

•  Processor constantly monitors & adjusts fuel delivery levels & components every few microseconds

•  Built in run timer

•  Built in fault code recorder/display

•  Designed for use with cruise control

•  Patent Pending


Once you fill your tank at the CNG refueling station, your system will function fully.

The on-board system reduces the gas pressure and stabilizes it before being injected in to the engine.

The CNG computer constantly controls the quantity of injected Natural Gas, changing it according to the different driving conditions.

As a result, the combustion becomes complete: The flame reaches all corners in the firing chamber and pushes on the pistons. Reducing engine oil pollution and gives you improved fuel efficiency.

Our CNG system does not require any engine modification. The system is retrofit and the installation is completely reversible.

In case of any electronic failure or simply in case of empty CNG tank, our CNG system allows the driver to continue the journey whit the sole usage of regular diesel.

EcoDiesel Advantages

Natural Gas Diesel Supplement System

>For turbo OR non-turbo applications

>Can be installed pre OR post turbocharger 

>When installed post turbo the EDS compensates for turbo boost up to 50PSI

>System specifically designed for harsh under hood environments

>NOT driver adjustable, can only be adjusted by authorized personnel

>Basic fuel map can be set up to maximize fuel economy or power or the best combination of both.

>Self-calibrating fuel mapping feature

>The extensive fuel mapping features allow the system to be programmed for higher levels of vapor injection at low loads to minimize overall operating costs.

>Our “State-of-the-Art” fuel mapping system can to be custom tailored to prevent detonation at higher power levels.

>Multistep transition between fuel cell ranges produce a seamless cell to cell transition, generating smoother power.

>VERY accurate fuel mapping possible for special application power band requirements

>Enhances engine brake performance when system is set accordingly (reduced brake wear)

>Fully cruise control and PTO (power take off) compatible.

>Special “Idle Emissions” mode for max pollution reduction at idle, perfect for school busses etc.

>Self calibrating TPS low/high value feature

>Very easy to read “Dash Board” screen layout, VERY useful on a road test with the vehicle bouncing around!

>Live Data Record/Playback mode, a unique “flight recorder” feature allows multiple data acquisition points for later review/comparison

>EDS controller logs actual vehicle engine runtime and CNG run time, no questions if system was on or off!

>Resettable “use timer” should actual system usage data be required

Environmental & Economical Benefits

> Significantly reduces particulate matter

> Reduces other harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as NOX

> Cleaner alternative for older engines allowing extended life

> Works with any diesel engine allowing a virtually endless range of applications

> Allows effective use of catalytic converters to further reduce harmful emissions

> Engine oil remains cleaner, extending service intervals, resulting in reduced costs and less waste oil in the environment

Controller Features

> Fully programmable by our certified technicians

> Dual microprocessor controlled system

 > Real time fuel corrections (30 times per second)

 > Engine load based fuel map

 > Temperature and pressure compensated

 > Compatible with both turbo and non-turbo engines

 > Pressure compensated gas regulator for linear operation

 > Fuel injectors specifically designed for CNG

 > Idle emissions mode allows injection at idle

 > Fuel cut during deceleration/braking saves fuel

 > Cruise control feature allows all-mode compatibility

 > Independent engine sensors for un-intrusive installation

 > Full onboard system diagnostics

 > Rugged/weatherproof design

 > Independent operation from factory ECU

 > Safety shutdown monitor

 > Compatible with 24 and 36 volt systems

 > 3 year 5000 hr. warranty

 > Designed and built in North America

Software Features

  > Self-calibrating base fuel map

  > "On the fly" fuel map tuning for specific applications

  > Live data recording features for diagnostic aid

  > Log viewer for data interpretation

  > On board diagnostic/troubleshooting features

  > Four system timers to log Engine run time in all operational modes

  > Live data and system status indicators for system monitoring

  > System monitoring viewable on fuel mapping or dashboard screens

-Our average one ton truck driver sees an increase of 100+ horsepower, fuel mileage increased up to 25-40% while cutting fuel cost up to 25%.
-Semi truck drivers report an increase of horsepower & fuel mileage.  Saving up to $.40-.50/mile in fuel cost.
*Results can vary depending on vehicle condition & driver/driving habbits*


EcoDiesel Max

For 25+ Liter Diesel Engines:

The EcoDiesel is adaptable to any diesel engine, regardless of size.  From mining to marine, all industries can benefit from lower operating costs and emissions reductions associated with lower diesel consumption and improved engine efficiency and performance.





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