Scheduled Maintenance

As with any piece of machinery, there is regularly scheduled maintenance needed to help extend the life of your CNG system.  We recommend that every CNG vehicle follow our suggested maintenance schedule.

  • 30 days from CNG system being installed on vehicle, schedule appointment to:
    • Check all fuel lines & connections.
    • Ensure CNG system is running at optimal level (in case vehicle computer has made 25% or more adjustments)
    • ESTIMATED TIME: 10-15 minutes


  • Every 15,000 miles (or 6 months):
    • Check/Change CNG filter(s) to prolong CNG system life & fuel mileage
    • ESTIMATED TIME: 15-20 minutes


  • Every year:
    • Change CNG filter(s) to prolong CNG system life & fuel mileage
    • Check/Clean CNG fuel injectors & regulator (make sure no build up of road grime/grit on exterior & make sure system is at optimal level)
    • Update CNG computer software (if update is available)
    • Check all fuel lines & connections
    • Visual inspection of CNG tank
    • ESTIMATED TIME: 30-60 minutes



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